Norway's National Day was celebrated in traditional manner in Alanya. Several hundred had showed up for church services and the opening of the new premises of the Norwegian Seamen's Church in Oba. Also according to tradition, the May 17 parade, started from the Ataturk statue, where Norway's ambassador in Turkey, Cecilie Landsverk, and representatives of Alanya Municipality held their speeches, before the parade went through the city center  to the municipal party square where Valkyrien Allstars hold free concert for the audience. Valkyrien Allstars is a Norwegian folk-rock band that plays music rooted in Norwegian tradition.

The biggest surprise was that Alexander Rybak showed up in church, practically straight from the international Eurovision Song Contest finals in Germany. Rybak had with his fiddle and played two songs, including "Fairy tale" for a hilarious church audience. And it was truly an international swing over the National Day celebration with the representatives from consulates and associations from Finland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and Poland - of course, in addition to Norwegian and Turkish representatives.

Photos: Yeni Alanya

Representatives of Alanya Municipality said in their greeting speech that “the church has an important role in the exchange of culture and religion between the two countries”, to the audience in the Norwegian Seamen's Church. – “And it is an important symbol of tolerance" said the Turkish representatives

Celebration of 17th May has become a solid tradition in Alanya. All restaurants decorate with Norwegian flags, and tempts with Norwegian dishes.

Alexander Rybak enjoyed a Raki, here together with Ferit from Yeni Alanya 17th May parade in Alanya's streets

Photos: Yeni Alanya


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